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Little Muslims Toy Chest

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Yusuf's Toy Chest

My Dua Pillow


Press one of five beautifully embroidered buttons and hear over six minutes of a very cute child voice-over with excellent recitation with Tajweed, including: ?Press the Green Book: Hear Ayatul Kursi ?Press the Blue Moon: Hear the Du?a Before Sleeping ?Press the Purple Music Note: Hear a beautiful lullaby nasheed (No Instruments) ?Press the Orange Sun: Hear the Du?a Upon Waking Up ?Press the Pink Smiley Face: Hear the Three Quls My Dua? Pillow is 35 cm x 35 cm, and has stay cool LED lights to offer a soothing glow for bedtime- and the LEDs switch off automatically after 15 minutes! Use the volume control to set the perfect volume for a comfortable bedtime. Includes 3x AA (LR 6) Batteries and meets all environmental standards. Suitable for ages 3-99 years! Tested to meet child safety requirements EN71 (parts 1,2,3) and EN62115

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